Important information for interested persons from abroad!

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please write an e-mail in which you should answer the following questions:

Where do you reside? Where will the dog live?

As we select the new owners of our dogs carefully, please understand that we have to know about you, your family, your home and the surroundings the puppy will grow up in. A photo of your family and home attached to the e-mail would be nice as well.

We do not give away our puppies arbitrarily. Usually, we insist upon meeting the new owners in person. 

So, if possible, we do prefer that you come and visit us. Previous owners took the chance and went on vacation in Bavaria (we are located near Munich!) and took the puppy with them in the airplane cabin.

Our dogs should be allowed to live in their families; we do not accept the keeping of our dogs in a boarding kennel.


About our dogs:

All puppies have official VDH/FCI-papers and the necessary vaccinations.

According to German law we do not crop the ears or dock the tail of our dogs. We expect the new

owners to appreciate the natural look of the dog with floppy ears and a long tail!

A puppy has to be at least three months of age before he/she can be delivered by airplane.

The costs of delivery (via airplane) depend on where you reside.


Please contact us if you agree with our demands!